Accelerator, TV Show and Science Lab all in one!


Accelerator, TV Show and Science Lab all in one!
(And that’s a lot more than Dragons’ Den)
Stars of Science selects and then brings together a dozen entrepreneurs with exciting scientific ideas; puts them through a development programme whose milestones are filmed each week for a TV Show (as are regular snippets); with candidates being eliminated until the winner and three others share $600k in the final programme.
Stars of Science has raised interest in science and scientists through a unique mix of science and entertainment that keeps millions of viewers tuned.
To date, over 28,000 online applications have been received; and some 500 experts in various fields of science and technology, design and business have mentored and judged the contestants – among them academics from prestigious higher education institutions – as they moved through a series of competitive challenges along the stages of product development.
“Starts of Science searches for…the most promising innovators and connects them with world-class experts in order to bring their ideas to life”; and so far they have filed 62 patents. “The programme is stimulating a passion for science and technology among …youth and is contributing to educational attainment and economic development…”
“The success of the Show (now in its sixth season) comes from the novel way it merges science and fun” said the winner of Season 2. “No other programme incubates scientific projects like that. It has created a new awareness of science.”
Backed by Qatar Foundation, Stars of Science broadcasts on the MBC 4 channel and has ever-increasing audiences across the Middle East.

International New York Times, 5 November, 2014