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  • No institutional support for startups and scaleups (1/17/2018) - No institutional support for startups and scaleups The CEO of the Art Fund complains that there is no support system for one of the oldest of functions – museum curators; neither is there in the newest of fields – the … Continue reading
  • The Future of Work is arriving (1/15/2018) - The Future of Work is arriving All sorts of programmes are in the wind designed to facilitate startups and scaleups in particular. PwC and Swiftscale have just completed a 12 week accelerator programme entitled The Future of Work – for a … Continue reading
  • Building ‘local’ eco-systems to support innovation (12/18/2017) - Building ‘local’ eco-systems to support innovation Nesta’s recent report The State of Small Business highlights networks – among key levers of influence, as does the recent report from the Scaleup Institute. Hubs, like Scotland’s CivTech programme can be supported by … Continue reading
  • Village Capital identifies issues and then builds teams to attack them (10/24/2017) - Let’s try Village Capital’s proven model for tackling big problems in local areas Since 2009, New York-based Village Capital has sought to tackle real-world problems in local areas, by using the principle of peer-selection, and investing and leveraging capital. It … Continue reading
  • A uniquely comprehensive development arena (10/12/2017) - A UNIQUELY COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT ARENA Quite unlike most startup or scaleup programmes such as Techstars or Startupbootcamp (which tend to be short term injections), the programmes at Goldsmiths Centre are unique in that they aim to cover comprehensively all the … Continue reading

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