Organisations and innovation

Open innovation

  • Getting instant help from fellow startups (6/28/2017) - Getting instant help from fellow startups The School for Social Entrepreneurs recently brought together a couple of cohorts of startups, each for half-a-day, to reflect together on the health of their business and on its future – with the help of … Continue reading
  • Raising the Mentoring Game (3/22/2017) - Raising the mentoring game Stops and starts have marked the very slow progress of mentoring in the UK. As the ultimate beneficiaries of mentoring, funders of new businesses should be leading the way. The big question is (and was) why … Continue reading
  • Speed as the new essential (3/20/2017) - Speed as the new essential David Giraourd, former President of Google Enterprise Apps and CEO of startup Upstart argues that speed is the key competitive advantage of to-day [and not just in Accelerators]. His top points are: * Think first of … Continue reading
  • Speeding up corporate innovation (1/11/2017) - Speeding up corporate innovation A major corporate innovation consultancy bemoans the fact that corporates readily experiment with the latest innovation practices but without clear ideas on what they want to achieve; and offers a more disciplined approach. Upcoming: How can … Continue reading
  • UK science has too few ‘hustlers’ (12/16/2016) - Science has too few ‘hustlers’ Why do we have so few entrepreneurs to help bring the products of our scientific expertise into widespread use? Do places like Harwell and Daresbury do enough to identify and encourage hustlers like some of those … Continue reading

Managing innovation

  • No institutional support for startups and scaleups (1/17/2018) - No institutional support for startups and scaleups The CEO of the Art Fund complains that there is no support system for one of the oldest of functions – museum curators; neither is there in the newest of fields – the … Continue reading
  • The Future of Work is arriving (1/15/2018) - The Future of Work is arriving All sorts of programmes are in the wind designed to facilitate startups and scaleups in particular. PwC and Swiftscale have just completed a 12 week accelerator programme entitled The Future of Work – for a … Continue reading
  • Building ‘local’ eco-systems to support innovation (12/18/2017) - Building ‘local’ eco-systems to support innovation Nesta’s recent report The State of Small Business highlights networks – among key levers of influence, as does the recent report from the Scaleup Institute. Hubs, like Scotland’s CivTech programme can be supported by … Continue reading
  • ‘GovTech’ launches world-first programmes (12/6/2017) - ‘World-First’ Programmes in GovTech Entrepreneurship GovTech and CivTech are latecomers to the UK’s entrepreneurial extravanganza, though like others of the more recent programmes, also aimed at attacking big issues in specific fields. GovTech seeks to bring entrepreneurial solutions to the problems … Continue reading
  • A learning programme for leaders (11/23/2017) - Boosting Resilience: a 2-year learning programme for leaders – in the arts The startup and scaleup world has seen a dramatic explosion, but there has been little or no support for the development of entrepreneurs and leaders of innovation. This … Continue reading