An Accelerator on internet marketing

An Accelerator programme full of startups seeking to commercialise innovations in internet marketing As social media increasingly become the prime source of contact between people, so campaigners are exploring different ways of using this to their advantage.

Despite its ability to provide information that is personally relevant to individuals, internet marketing has been severely hampered by its abuse of personal information. But “If you can deeply understand and predict someone’s personality that is a very effective way to do marketing and sales campaigns,” says one of this Accelerator’s founders.

The Accelerator programme is focused around just four ‘intensives’: week-long boot camps where founders work together on core areas of business development. Through these events, and the resources available in between these times, such as coaching and mentorship, founders particularly value the building of relationships with each other, with the Accelerator team, and key stakeholders in their market. The Accelerator has recently been working closely with 11 start-ups to refine their sales and fundraising pitches, sharpen their pricing strategies, and connect with key stakeholders.

Among the Accelerator’s 36 startups (to date), all internet-focused, are:

  • a social listening platform (customisable)
  • a startup with expertise in understanding and predicting personalities
  • another on crafting and testing messages designed to influence
  • a startup that helps identify and use friends and supporters and their networks/communities
  • a startup about interacting with conversations, and helping people to contribute to and influence particular issues
  • businesses with experience in the use of e-mail, text, video, social media and specialised ads.
  • startups with expertise in designing and managing internet campaigns to reach and engage with specific audiences.

Though none focus specifically on imaginative newscasting.

Alongside the Accelerator, other benefits include

  • follow on investments;
  • fellowships that allow individuals to explore ideas to solve specific problems;
  • regular convenings with political and technology personalities;
  • a large, experienced board of advisers; and
  • regular research and analysis that advances the use of technology across progressive politics.

Based on the US West Coast, Higher Ground Labs is supported by Democrat funds, and $15mn has apparently been invested so far in this project. Presumably Democrat campaigners have privileged access to all this expertise.

To make matters tougher, ‘Google has just introduced new rules under which campaigners need to create content captivating enough that people pay attention and take action the first time;’ ‘….retargeting is no longer an option’.

“We have to be careful that we are not creepy and manipulative, but if you can appeal to someone’s core values that is totally fair game.” commented one of the founders.


John Whatmore



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