“Strictly come Pitching”

Embedded in a programme of celebration and razmatazz, each of the ten teams in Startupbootcamp’s FinTech Demo Day was provided with generous opportunities to pitch – to a hundred or more interested parties.

Starupbootcamp’s Demo Day gave its ten teams five opportunities to pitch
– each time to up to 50 of its 750 invitees, for investment in the further development of their products and businesses.

Nektarios Liolios, its mastermind and impresario, introduced the day to his audience (no seats!) with a pitch for Startupbootcamp and its work in bringing early-stage ventures to life in a number of countries (166 so far, 74% of which had succeeded in getting ongoing funding – on average just over €500k each.)

For its FinTech Accelerator, Startupbootcamp had searched the world; and starting with some 500 applicants had reduced them to 50 and then invited 20 to London for two days of discussion – from whom these ten teams were selected as outstanding candidates for contributing to the revolution that is taking place in the world of finance.

Nektarios started by introducing each of the teams, their products, their aims and their progress with the help of punchy post-it style graphics, so as to enable us to decide which five pitches we would like to see, each in a separate alcove of the huge Lindley Hall (seats now provided!).

Each team picked out and presented aspects of its offering and then responded to questions, and did so five times, thus perhaps reaching some 100 people. Most of the teams were revenue positive, and most (if not all) had already secured some ongoing funding. Investors positive to the pitches that I watched were plentiful, though seldom without their caveats.

In a finale worthy of a TV show, Nektarios presented not just all the actors, but all the co-stars – the best mentors, the entrepreneurs-in-residence, the executives-in-residence, the staff and the executive team. After a rousing round of applause he was presented with a new pair of trainers – his favourite footwear! And then the [networking] party began.

John Whatmore
December 2014


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