Workshops for helping to develop innovations

A number of examples of Accelerators have shown that short, sharp development workshops can be valuable not just for developing new businesses, but also for developing SMEs, for developing commercialisable IP, and for developing new products and new businesses for corporates. The TSB should encourage the Knowledge Transfer Networks to run Bootcamps.

While intensive development programmes have been focusing most prominently on IT start-ups (eg ‘Accelerators’), others have run bootcamps for people before they started new businesses, or for selecting them for incubators (see Yet others have used them for identifying commercialisable IP ( And some have focused on helping SMEs – with strategy, with their business model, with new concepts, new products and new customers and marketing.

Corporates have used them for scouting for new technologies, processes and procedures; and for working with their suppliers to help them to develop new products for their own use fields (see One major corporate set has a department (‘Emerging Technologies’) to work on major projects that presaged new ways of working in particular industries. One (new) organisation has brought SMEs together to help them to develop new products for big corporates in a local cluster (see

One of the roles for the Knowledge Transfer Networks is that of bringing together organisations in their field that can bring something of value to one another. They should be scouting for opportunities to use development workshops.


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