MBO School


A programme for providing help and support to prospective Management Buy-outs, perhaps one of the best possible sources of economic growth; but one where there are not many people who have ‘done it before’ to help.

This one-day workshop is a series of sessions with people who know about this route, for people who are serious about this way forward. 

If politicians are looking for growth (particularly for the short-term), Management Buy Outs (MBOs) rather than start-ups could be the best way to achieve it as these are trading businesses that already have existing products and stable organisations.

The ‘magic’ of growth comes from incentivising the management team, possibly an injection of capital, and potentially by introducing new technology to allow growth or repositioning of the company or its services.           Recent data from the British Venture Capital Association show that MBOs produce the best returns for management teams and for their investors.  MBOs offer managers a way to fulfill their entrepreneurial desire while working in a business they truly understand, and the evidence shows that they and their investors are much more likely to make money.  This de-risking means that such deals are among the easiest to get away in the current difficult environment.

The problem is that generally, most managers only do one MBO – there are fewer serial MBOers than serial entrepreneurs – so the ‘know how’ to get these away successfully is thinly spread (this is probably a neglected area in terms of support networks, certainly relative to start-ups).  MBO School, is an event sponsored by Albion ventures, a London based manager of £230m of 3rd party funds from 7 VCTs which are each fully listed on the London Stock Exchange, Smith and Williamson, a leading professional and financial services group, and Bird & Bird an international law firm.

The day consists of a number of sessions in which Advisers talk about key aspects of MBOs; but they are advisers who have helped a number of MBOs to get there. Moreover it is about nuts and bolts: you are recommended to bring at least one other member of your team, and to bring – in draft – an Investor Pitch Deck, a Business Plan and a Due Diligence Check List.

An entrepreneur planning an MBO said of the November workshop “I found the event very insightful in terms of learning about the inner workings of an MBO. Not only did the speakers elaborate on legal, financial, political and cultural aspects but their one to one time also allowed us to get some tailored advice. I would recommend this to anyone seriously considering making a move.”

One MBO team member said of the event “Very, very valuable – highly experienced professionals and high calibre participants. If you’re serious, about your MBO plans, I’d encourage you to see if they pass this, the ultimate reality check“.

My readers can benefit from this reality check, including one-on-one time with experienced MBO practitioners and a potential funder, and also receive a discount of £150 per person when booking on 8 March 2013 or 24 May 2013 events.  Just use discount code “whatmore_a”



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