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Are there magic potions for turning ideas into innovations? 

In a world increasingly pre-occupied by innovation, research is giving way to experimentation. The ‘test of time’ is less easy to apply: by the moment when time may reveal its conclusions, something new will have replaced what we were testing. Thus the concept of Action Learning is becoming increasingly relevant – trying something out and learning from how it went; and with it so is ‘process’ – how we do what we do.  This site is all about sharing experience and the turning of ideas into innovations.

Material on the site is divided into five overlapping areas – each of these leads to separate sections of the site which provide material, information, and contacts.

  • Early-stage ventures –  Incubators, science parks, angel groups and accelerators
  • Larger organisations –  open innovation, managing innovation, delivering innovation
  • Academia – startup spaces, spinouts, collaboration, outreach
  • Supportership – champions, mentoring, coaching, facilitating, learning
  • Opportunities – IT, Creative Industries, Life Sciences, Hi-value manufacturing

Most recent material published:

  • An ‘Innovation Hub’ in top sport (3/20/2019) - An Innovation Hub in the world of top sport Barcelona, the greatest football club in the world, quietly launched its ‘Innovation Hub’ in 2017, which Maria Bartomeu, its president, now regards as its most important project. What can we learn from … Continue reading
  • Whither the Startup Factories? (3/6/2019) - Whither the Startup Factories? Bethnal Green Ventures, an early social enterprise accelerator, sees plenty of opportunities (- more than it can handle at present); it draws more widely, it is constantly refining its programme, it offers more support, and over a … Continue reading
  • A new design-led Incubator cum Accelerator (2/20/2019) - A new design-led Incubator cum Accelerator in a partnership with a specialist property company In a local partnership, with significant external funding, and a great deal of support, the participants in CRL’s programmes are all developing physical products – with great … Continue reading

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